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A customized, honest and humane approach; that is our main goal. We are aware that each client has specific needs. We therefore consider every project as a new adventure, a unique experience. We are proud to be known for our proven expertise that enables us to offer a constantly evolving product line and to optimize our facilities to continuously improve our clients’ experience.



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We are a team of experts in the heating, air-conditioning and venting fields, for both residential and commercial clients. We provide a complete and turnkey service including dismantling the old equipment, installing the new one, and performing maintenance services when needed.

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Refrigeration Mechanic • Tinsmith

RBQ License: 5722-4537-01

Our technician team consists mainly of experienced refrigeration mechanics and tinsmiths. All refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, such as cold rooms, refrigerated display case and air-conditioning units of all types, are installed and maintained by the refrigeration mechanic, while the tinsmith is in charge of air distribution and exhaust systems (ventilation ducts).


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