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With extensive knowledge in all our fields of endeavour, our certified technicians are no strangers to our complete line of products. We undertake a detailed analysis of your specific project, needs and existing facilities to provide proper guidance on the equipment you need, thus optimizing your existing system according to the desired performance and allocated budget. We guarantee complete honesty and transparency by showing you real alternatives.

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Having an air-conditioning unit in a commercial building is no small expense. We work to increase your energy savings and office comfort as much as possible. Our team will assess your overall needs and recommend the best equipment for your building, whether it’s a new construction or one requiring renovation, thus new equipment.

  • Central heat pump or air conditioner
  • Wall-mounted heat pump or air conditioner
  • Roof Unit


The excessive cost of your commercial building heating just might be due to the unit being obsolete or inefficient. In an effort to minimize your heating bill, our team will help you find the optimal state-of-the-art energy-efficient and environmentally friendly system fit to your working environment.

  • Central heat pump
  • Wall-mounted heat pump
  • Roof Unit


If you own a store where food has to be kept at low temperature, you need proven equipment, installed by experts. The refrigeration mechanics we work with have the expertise to ensure durable installations for efficient and optimal food storage.

  • Commercial refrigerator
  • Commercial freezer
  • Cold room
  • Refrigerated display case


On hot summer days just as well as throughout cold winter months, a good venting system is key to a comfortable environment. Air ducts along with VAV boxes help evenly releasing the amount of air required in every office space.

  • Air exchanger
  • Humidifier
  • Central system
  • VAV box
  • Commercial range hood


Performing a roof unit maintenance twice a year helps optimally direct air in your building. This preventive maintenance is meticulously done by our specialized technicians to ensure your system’s longevity and reduce your energy consumption and related costs, as well as contributing to your staff’s comfort.

  • Filter changing
  • Parts (straps and contactors) and sequence of operation testing
  • Ducts cleaning


The design-build is a quick simultaneous designing and installation process where you, your team of professionals and the contractor in charge of the operation all work together with a common goal. Whether you need a HVAC system for a new construction or a building in need of renovations, the design-build service ensures quick and accurate results.

  • New construction or renovation
  • Precise cost of work estimate
  • Fast completion of the project

Big, medium or small, our team will support your project of any size

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