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With extensive knowledge in all our fields of endeavour, our certified technicians are no strangers to our complete line of products. We undertake a detailed analysis of your specific project, needs and existing facilities to provide proper guidance on the equipment you need, thus optimizing your existing system according to the desired performance and allocated budget. We guarantee complete honesty and transparency by showing you real alternatives. We are therefore able to analyze in detail your project, your needs as well as your current installations in order to recommend the appropriate equipment. This analysis allows you to optimize your existing system, according to the desired performance and the established budget. We present the situation and the possible options to you as they really are, in all honesty and with complete transparency.

Multi housing

Are you looking for a contractor for the HVAC work of a multi-unit building?

Our team can help you! Small or large buildings, we offer the installation service of wall or central systems, air exchangers as well as small ventilation, ie the exhaust of range hoods and dryers.

Our Achievements

in their field

Refrigeration Mechanic • Tinsmith

RBQ license: 5722-4537-01

We mainly work with experienced refrigeration technicians and tinsmiths. The refrigeration specialist takes care of all the installations of air conditioning and heating systems. The tinsmith takes care of the air distribution and evacuation networks, in other words the ventilation ducts.

Big, medium or small, our team will support your project of any size

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